Virginia is for lovers and athletes

By CARA COOPER Last weekend as I was watching the NASCAR race, I heard the announcers on the TV say “Chesterfield, Virginia native Denny Hamlin.” I knew Denny was from Virginia, but the thought struck me after hearing that – is Denny the biggest current Virginia-born athlete? I wondered this for a few minutes andContinue reading “Virginia is for lovers and athletes”

The worst practice I ever attended

By CARA COOPER I recently wrote a story about cross country runners, because I wanted to get into the mind of what makes high school distance runners tick. Why do they put themselves through such a grueling sport? Are they really as bonkers as they seem? I’m allowed to say that, and the story wasContinue reading “The worst practice I ever attended”

How much longer will “Friday night lights” continue?

By CARA COOPER Every year it’s gets a bit tougher to be excited for the start of the football season. The NFL has a whole host of problems, none of which are worth delving into right now. College football has been rocked by three scandals at Ohio State, Maryland and UNC, just in the lastContinue reading “How much longer will “Friday night lights” continue?”

Don’t apologize for bat flipping fun

If you missed it, ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball ended in historic fashion this week. Playing in Chicago, the Cubs were down 3-0 heading into the bottom of the ninth against the Washington Nationals. After the Cubs loaded the bases with two outs, rookie David Bote came in to pinch hit. With a 2-2 count, BoteContinue reading “Don’t apologize for bat flipping fun”

Bowles makes flips look easy, because to him they are

By CARA COOPER  Throw-ins in soccer are so typical that most of the time you hardly even notice it happens. But a Wilson Bowles throw-in is a spectacle. Whenever the ball goes out of bounds, the Martinsville junior sprints to the sideline – either sideline, it doesn’t even matter where he is standing – picks theContinue reading “Bowles makes flips look easy, because to him they are”